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Pixiedrops Polypaper is the leader in the industry.
It's 8oz, 100% glare free, and lays flat for easy use as a backdrop or as a floor.
Polypaper is a blend of plastic and paper and is created with water based technology.
Therefore, as with all polypaper it does need to be handled somewhat carefully.
Meaning you should not drag heavy props across it, that will scratch it. Hard soled, high heeled shoes will do the same.
As for water resistance, it is somewhat water resistant but not water proof.
If you do spill on your polypaper, use a baby wipe to gently wipe it up. You may experience a slight removal of ink, this usually fades when it's dry.
Polypaper is not recommended for cake smashes since the dyes in the icing will cause discoloration. We recommend vinyl for cake smashes.
Best practice is to store your polypaper rolled up when not in use.
When handled correctly your polypaper will last you for years to come.